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Gamefly Hands Out World of Warcraft Trial
By Susan Arendt January 11, 2008 | 1:37:00 PMCategories: MMO Gaming

Gameflywow Gamefly, being the swell folks that they are, decided to reward my long-time membership with a two-week free trial of World of Warcraft.

A nice, if somewhat bizarre, gesture. Gamefly is, after all, a game rental service, so you'd think the last thing they'd want to do is get members addicted to an all-consuming MMO.

Gamefly is also of necessity a console-centric site, so rewarding members with a PC game is a moderately pointless. Not that console gamers never play PC games, of course, but it seems like the average Gamefly subscriber would rather have of, say, Super Mario Galaxy or Uncharted.

But hey, hooray for free stuff!


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