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Blizzard: World of Warcraft supports SLI configuration


Quite a number of players have been asking if World of Warcraft has support for SLI or Scalable Link Interface. For those who aren't familiar with this, SLI essentially has two graphics cards sharing work when rendering a 3D scene. This method is similar to how multi-core processors work together.

Blizzard Community Manager Drysc pointed out that like any 3D game, World of Warcraft can be made to take advantage of an SLI configuration. It's only a matter of configuring certain settings in the nVidia control panel. Here's what Drysc had to say:

Check your World of Warcraft program specific settings in the nVidia control panel, you'll likely need to change the setting from "single card" to SFR/AFR. I believe this requires moving it from the recommended nVidia setting which may imply that any issues while playing the game in SLI will not be supported by them. I've never had any problems with it though. I think I use AFR1.

As to the advantages of running the game in SLI, Drysc pointed out that the game could be running at 25-30 frames per second depending on the resolution and settings such as filtering and FSAA options.