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Mobile application for World of Warcraft being considered


For those of you who wished that World of Warcraft could eat up more of your life, you may be happy to hear that Blizzard is discussing the development of a mobile application to keep you hopelessly connected forever more in touch with their game:

In the biggest surprise of his conversation with MTV News, mentioned right before the banging and clanging of the conference's tear-down overwhelmed the interview and forced a relocation outside, Pearce confirmed that a very small team in Blizzard just might be creating a slice of "World of Warcraft" for cell phones...

So as an example, one thing I think would be really cool - and whether we're going to be able to do this, I don't know, but it would be really cool - is if we could have a client on your mobile device like that that hooks you into your guild chat in the game. That would be really cool. Or the ability to view your in-game mail or view your in-game auctions. We probably wouldn't allow you to actually buy or sell via the mobile device, but you could certainly monitor."

This is going to be awesome. And by awesome, I mean it's going to be great when your friends who constantly SMS other people in front of you start constantly chatting with their guild in front of you. Because scheduling time to hang out with them in-between raids wasn't hard enough.