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Developers will need $1 billion to take on World of Warcraft: CEO

World of Warcraft 


Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick says that it's going to take a huge investment to compete with his company's cash cow World of Warcraft.


Speaking at an investor's conference, Kotick said that Activision had considered releasing a game to compete with the MMO juggernaut, but the stakes were too high.


"We don't think that even if we made the USD 500 million or billion-dollar investment to get a product out [to compete with WOW] that we would even be successful doing it" 


Activision and Blizzard merged late last year to form Activision-Blizzard and the early returns have looked good for the newly formed game publishing giant. The new company posted a $520 million profit in 2007 and hopes to grow that number this year on the successes of World of Warcraft and the Guitar Hero franchises.


Although WoW continues to dominate the MMO scene, that won't prevent many developers from trying to slice off a piece of Blizzard's pie.